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Ajitsamal Afinoz
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Xamarin is a software company which based in San Francisco, California originated in 2011. Xamarin is built on the .NET Framework. It allows to develop apps that run across multiple platforms without any disturbance or bugs. Xamarin Forms is a framework which allows the developers to create the cross-platform user interface rapidly. Xamarin provides the developers with the wide range of tools which helps in the development of the cross-platform mobile application. Xamarin uses HTML and JavaScript. Xamarin is very different as it uses only one language C# which works on three different mobile platforms which include Android, iOS and windows. With the help of Xamarin, we can develop a mobile app whose look and feel is completely native.

PREREQUISITES: One should have a good understanding of code written in C# and XAML programming language.


1. Xamarin uses a single language to create apps for all mobile platforms C#.

2 It has an excellent native user interface which allows one to control and develop a native app.

3 It uses specific UI elements for Android and IOS apps to give ultimate user experience.

4 It supports android app developers and IOS app developers to build and share codes over various platforms.

5. Xamarin is presented with an app that helps in developing an app with the shortest number of bugs.

6. It gives a comprehensive range of security from bugs.

7. Xamarin insight helps to monitor the app thoroughly.

8. As its a cross-platform application, it allows easy maintenance and update of apps.


1. Xamarin provides faster time-to-market as it lets writing code application in the native environments of the two platforms

2. This platform provides resources and practical training for developers new to this technology and provides a great spectrum to beginners.

3 Xamarin is one of the most powerful app development tools available today.

4. Xamarin tends to result in fewer bugs as we write less code. The lesser the code, the fewer errors we are likely to commit.


if you are looking for any tutorial for xamarin and want to learn xamarin These are the easiest type of mobile app development tutorials and they use only one language. Xamarin has a wide scope as compared to other mobile development apps. Hence, learning this would be of a great help to computers application skills and techniques but Xamarin is constantly updating its ecosystem and progresses with each new release of native mobile OS updates and device technology upgrades which can be a pro ad a con.

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