What is the future of ASP.NET Core?

Ajitsamal Afinoz
2 min readDec 26, 2019


A few months back, Microsoft has announced .NET 5, the next version of its . So, there will be no .NET Core is the future. The only thing that will stay is .NET and .NET 5 which is the future of .NET that are expecting to come in the next year 2020 in November. So, Microsoft is releasing .NET 5 which will be a single solution. .NET 5 is a single unified platform for building software for all platforms and devices.

Currently, there are two versions of Microsoft .NET — .NET Framework and .NET Core. But gradually, Microsoft would not be able to manage two different Framework and thus they have come up with one single solution of .NET 5 which will take the best from .NET Core, .NET Framework, Mono and Xamarin to provide APIs, Libraries and Run-time to build applications for Web, Windows, Android, Mobile, WatchOS, tvOS, WebAssembly and more.

.NET 5 provides frameworks, libraries, APIs and tools to build, test, run and deploy software that targets all platforms including Linux, macOS, Windows, IoTs, Android, watchOD, tvOS and WebAssembly. It also runs on all devices including Desktops, ioT, Devices, Web Browsers, Tablets, Mobiles and more. So, in all the upcoming future of .NET is .NET 5 which are heading with lots of new features as given below:

1. Managed by Open source community but supported by Microsoft.

2. Fast, Scalable and High performance.

3. Cross-platform facilities in any device anywhere.

4. Single unified platform for Windows, Web, Mac, Cloud, Mobile, Gaming, IoT, Data Science and Machine earning also.

5. Support all the major platform capabilities for .NET Core, .NET Framework and Xamarin including WPF, | Open-source web framework for .NET MVC, Windows Forms, UWP, LINQ, Entity Framework and more.

6. Supports most productive tools like Visual Studio, VS for Mac, VS Code and CLI (Command Line Interface).

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