Get a personal loan at Low CIBIL or Income at a low-interest rate

Ajitsamal Afinoz
3 min readNov 3, 2020

A personal loan is one of the easier loans to avail of. This financing option is collateral-free, meaning lenders wouldn’t ask for any pledge or security for the loan amount. Having said that, applying for a personal loan can be certainly easier, but getting a personal loan for a low salary or a personal loan for low CIBIL can be difficult. As the approval of the loan amount depends on many factors in which the monthly income and credit score probably are the most crucial ones.

Firstly, we will talk about a personal loan for a low salary.

Why a personal loan for a low salary is difficult?

Getting a personal loan for a low salary is difficult because it is an unsecured loan and also lender considers income while loan approving.

However, many lenders offer loans to the low salary applicant’s, some of them are mentioned below:

The offered loan amount may differ based on some parameters such as loan schemes, credit score, repayment history, and others. Getting a personal loan at a low salary makes it extremely significant to meet the lender’s eligibility criteria. You must know that every lender has their criteria into which you have to fit in. So, if you are looking for a personal loan for a low salary have a look at the generic criteria for the same:

  • An applicant should be of 21 years and a maximum of 60 years.
  • A borrower should have a regular source of income
  • The borrower’s minimum salary should be Rs. 15, 000 per month.

Here is the common list of documents required to get a personal loan:

Now let’s talk about a personal loan for low Cibil.

You must know that getting a personal loan for low Cibil can be challenging but not impossible. And to make availing of a personal loan for low Cibil easy for you here are some of the tips which you should follow:

As it is always recommended maintaining a good CIBIL score. So, here are some tips to improve the CIBIL score:

Another important element of personal is EMI.

EMI is determined by the three main factors which are necessary to be outlined, namely:

1. Required loan amounts

2. The interest rate on the availed loan amount

3. The loan repayment tenure

A personal loan EMI calculator is a handy tool for a loan seeker. In the absence of this online tool, the calculation process will be time taking process, it also may require a borrower to make visits to the multiple lenders in this preliminary stage, without any exact certainty of the loan being sanctioned at the end of the loan process.


Getting a personal loan for a low salary or personal loan for low Cibil can be difficult but not impossible so don’t lose your hope and look for the loan whose eligibility criteria you fit in the best. We hope this article has answered all your queries.

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