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Ajitsamal Afinoz
2 min readJun 22, 2020

* Distributed check printing

* Dynamic bank selection

* EDI & ACH capability

* Extended life of existing systems

* Extensive reporting capability

* Extensive system operational controls

* Forecasting — payment and bank clearings

* Implementation services

* Increased disbursement float

* Most economical payment routing

* Multiple bank account control

* Multiple logos & signatures

* Seamless connectivity

* Support for all MICR check printers

* Extensive user support

To maximize disbursement float, DMS™ uses multiple bank accounts and mail locations. It analyzes each payment transaction using management-defined parameters such as float benefit, bank item charge, vendor preference, special handling class, and limits on drawee account volume to assign the optimum payment method. DMS is customized to specific operational requirements and company philosophies and will interface to existing accounting systems.

In a decentralized accounts payable environment, DMS™ can centralize treasury control. DMS can be configured as the central processor for each division’s separate payment system. DMS systematically collects data from each division, processes, and re-distributes check files back where they are printed. Using DMS, management can consolidate bank accounts, control float, forecast disbursements and daily bank presentments, and monitor company-wide payment practices.

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