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ASP.NET is a web application framework which has been developed and marked by Microsoft for developing dynamic websites by the programmers. It allows the developers to use a full featured programming language including VB.NET, Jscript.NET, C# etc. to build the applications easily.

The ASP.NET tutorials cover all the basic elements and important aspects of ASP.NET like reusable code, deploying the .NET Application on the server, debugging, testing web application and more, which a beginner would be required to acquire knowledge on this.

ASP.NET Architecture and Components:

: Varieties of languages exist in ASP.NET framework including VB.NET and C# which are being used to develop web applications.

The ASP.NET Framework consisting with a set of Standard Class Libraries. The most common Library used is the Web Library which has all necessary components that is used to develop web-based applications.

Key Characteristics of ASP.NET Framework:

Given below some of the key characteristics of ASP.NET Framework:

Code-behind Mode : It is the concept of separation of design and code. With this separation, it is now easier to maintain ASP.NET application. The general file type of ASP.NET is aspx. Visual Studio creates a separate page for every web page — one is design part and another one is for the code.

State Management : ASP.NET has that option to control State Management. HTTP is a Stateless protocol. So, when you are purchasing anything, HTTP will not able to store the information on the cart items. Additional coding requires ensuring that the cart items can be carried forward to the purchase page. This implementation can be complicated. But with the State Management, ASP.NET can manage everything as it can remember cart items and pass it to the purchase page as well.

ASP.NET is able to implement the concept of Caching. It also improves the performance of the application. Caching can improve the performance of an application.

Application Start -> Object Creation -> HTTP Application Creation -> Dispose → Application End

Note : ASP.NET is the next version of ASP which provides the easiest way to build, deploy & run the web application on any browser. ASP.NET is based upon the event-driven and server-side programming model. if you are looking for interview question and answer in order to prepare you for the interview.

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